Subscriptions may not be assigned or transferred to any other person or entity. You must promptly inform us of any and all of the following: e-mail address; apparent breaches of security, such as loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure or use of an ID or Password. Until we are notified of a breach in security, the Subscriber will remain liable for any unauthorized use of kenyaraha.net.

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No Pro-Rated Refunds for Cancellation of Monthly Membership.
You hereby acknowledge and agree that if You cancel Your Membership, or if Your membership is cancled by the Company, Your username and password will be removed from the system at the end of the then current Subscription period and that You will be entitled to receive the full benefits of Your Membership until the end of such period. You shall not be entitled to any pro-rated or partial refund if You cancel Your Membership before the end of the then current Subscription Period. You agree that if you cancel at any time after purchasing a Subscription to kenyaraha.net (e.g., 10 minutes after you sign up), You will still be charged for the full Subscription period. You acknowledge and agree that "instant access" to kenyaraha.net shall not mean "free preview" of kenyaraha.net.

Subscription and advert listing can not be postponed
You may request for your advert to be pulled down before the listing period elapses. However this does not mean that your advertisement period will be suspended for that time. If it happens that you request for your advert to be off then the listing period agreed at the start of the listing shall be counted for the time that your advert remain off. Upon resumption the remaining time shall be applied.

pornography not allowed
We are a descent escort directory and not a porn website. Do not upload photos showing genitals or those that depict persons in sexual acts. Advertisers who violates this term shall have their account suspended and possibly terminated without notice.